Pransarores in Alta Badia

Chalet Dolomites Pransarores is available for long term rent, annual or seasonal (Summer and/or Winter)

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Reach Alta Badia:

  • From Innsbruck Airport: 134 km / 83,26 miles
  • From Venice Airport: 173 km / 107,49 miles
  • From Munich Airport: 326 km / 202,56 miles
  • From Milano Malpensa Airport: 380 km / 236,12 miles

Meet the owner

My name is Marco, and I am an artisan. As a child in Alta Badia, I started woodworking using a fretsaw – a bow saw for delicate, intricate work – building model airplanes. My passion for working with my hands has followed me throughout my life, and today I have a studio where I create all of my objects. I make furniture, both large and small, clocks, lamps, cutting boards, and other objects for the house. I am also passionate about music and build my own guitars, amplifiers, and record players. I draw inspiration from the raw materials I use, all from this incredible place where I live. Woodworking is the focus of my work, and my favorite wood is the fragrant arolla pine, or Cir in my mother tongue Ladin. Check here some of my artworks, “Le Luci delle Dolomiti”, made with ancient wood and led lights:



Pransarores 20

39036 Badia (BZ) Italy


Phone: +39 347 301 8077