Culture in the Dolomites

Chalet Dolomites Pransarores is part of one of the old settlements that were typical in the Dolomites region - Les Viles - and the house has sat on this side for more than 500 years. Today you have the unique chance to live in this traditional Chalet and discover the real flavor of the Dolomites.

“Les Viles” are farming communities spread over the slopes of Val Badia. They differ from typical farms in the rest of South Tyrol as they are located close to one another to form a community. They are the most ancient settlements in this area and they are still preserved in their original state. The “Vila” is similar to the Raethian “tambra”, which defines the most ancient documented mountain hut. “Les Viles” are very important from a social point of view as they are not only a group of houses but also a community based on solidarity and fraternity, where a proper balance between man and environment can still be recognized. These hamlets are the epitome of man’s harmonious integration with nature.



Pransarores 20

39036 Badia (BZ) Italy


Phone: +39 347 301 8077